10 comments on “One-eyed demon butterfly thing

  1. “You had me at…One Eyed Demon Butterfly Thing” You sir/ma’am I’m not quite sure yet, are very creative. Keep it going! I’d like to see you do a short-graphic-novel! Just food for thought!

      • Comic strips are tough. I always find myself not being able to accurately depict my story and my drawings become scattered and disjointed. That’s why I stick to mostly portraits. I can come back to it at anytime and work on different parts of the piece. A lot more freedom. Creating a comic is almost too structured for likes of me lol

      • I know exactly what you mean. Ll. I like to write down the words for each box or scene first. Then, I draw it out a little bit before the detailing if any is needed. I want to pratice more forms of art tho.

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